Welcome to Payserv. The Payserv group provides payments and business process outsourcing services targeted at Banks and finance related services in Zimbabwe.  The Payserv Group offers:

Electronic Payments through Paynet

Electronic Data Interchange(EDI)switching services through Paynet,

Payroll and HR services through Autopay,

Payroll based microfinace loan processing and management through Loanserv

HR and IT security systems software sales through Softserv and;

Payments network and internet perfomance improvement throught Softserv

Complete deployments and management of IT Security systems through Softserv.

The Payserv Group of companies helps organizations maximise return on their investments through saving costs and achieving higher efficiency by outsourcing administrative processes,thus allowing them to focus on the income generating aspects of their organization.
Whether you choose our Paynet, Autopay, Loanserv or Softserv services, we'll work closely with you to ensure that we provide you with an effective payments and business processing outsourcing service possible.
Please take a moment and explore this Website to learn more.

Payserv group of companies